Embellishing dresses, a sweater & a poncho

I was asked to embellish these two dresses to jazz them up a bit. This black one is for a dancer in prelim, southern region. Still have to finish a new shawl…we have decided on a soft drapey one with the iridescent fabric and the lace. Still thinking on it.

This red one was worn in prelim at this young dancer’s first O. She looks so pretty. The TC was not sure she would like the soft shawl, but we surprised her. And it seems many dressmakers are flirting with the soft shawls again. I personally like them better than the stiff shawls – they add movement to the dress and the dancing.

And here is a sweater and a poncho I made for two relatives. I forget now the exact yarn for the dark sweater I made for Janet except that the stripey wool was called Mardi Gras, and I combined it with another strand of black wool because they were both lace-weight. It feels so nice. I also made this one up fast on my Bond knitting machine. I do not use it very much unless I want to do something fast in stockinette stitch. I thought it would be fun when I bought it, but I am not interested in figuring out how to do fancier things with the machine. Turns out, what I like is doing it all with my own ten fingers.

Like Aunt Terry’s poncho here. This was done in Rowan Big WoolYarn from Yarnmarket http://www.yarnmarket.com/yarn/Rowan_Yarn-Big_Wool_Yarn-508.html. Took many, many balls, but what a pleasure to work with. It is so soft and so warm. This is obviously again just a stockinette stitch, perfect for knitting in the round while watching tv on cold winter nights.

I am still working on this scarf to go with the poncho. Will also make her a hat…for next winter now. Gives me time to find or develop a pattern. This scarf is made in the “seaman’s scarf” style – notice the ribbed middle which keeps it on the neck. And the scarf is reversible – same cables front and back. I have a pattern for an afghan that is cabled front and back, no “wrong side.” Once I figured out the secret, I was amazed at its simplicity. So this scarf is my “swatch!”

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  1. laura gossin
    Apr 04, 2006 @ 13:13:00

    Hi Anne. I looked through all your goodies – you’re great! Celia’s dress looks lovely here. Laura

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