Methinks I never want to see…

…another Irish dance dress as long as I live!

Kidding…I think. I was asked at the O yesterday if I would simply alter something later, and I know my face showed revulsion and contempt because the asker literally stepped back and said, “Later, later!”
The top dress is Molly’s Ice Dress (in contrast to the Fire dress below). She looked so beautiful in it. The Star Dress is for another little dancer in our school. She looks adorable… the coral color makes her cheeks so pink. These are of course designs by Susan Gowin of Feisdress. Molly’s is an exclusive…the Star dress has been done before. To help with my time constraints, I contracted JoAnn Connolly of to do the stars as patches that I then applied with a satin stitch. May have to do that again… fantastic patches, and ultimately faster design application for me.

What an adventure all of this was…9 dresses finished in the last 6 weeks. My next goal (in terms of dressmaking) is to take on ONE dress and make it clear that it will be done when it is done!

Now on to cleaning my house, doing laundry, thinking about Christmas, getting some sleep…getting back to my real life!

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