For Lynn-OH

This is for Lynn from Ohio. She asked for different approaches to dealing with sequins on sleeves and bodices.

(This what I did for my dd’s two piece…)

I was actually mistaken in my description of my dd’s sleeves (how soon we BLOCK IT ALL OUT…I mean, forget). They were not sequins (the skirt and other parts of the dress were). The sleeves were made of a seeded bead overlay…one that would have “danced” terribly with the sequins of the main skirt fabric. So I sewed a portion of the bodice fabric onto the sleeve edges as you can see below.

This meant nothing was going to catch anything or cause wear on another part of the dress,

Another way is to applique a portion onto the main sleeve as I did here:

Both approaches were easy to do and alleviated my anxiety over the catching of beads & sequins and wear & tear.

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