Dudney Dresses

Delivered 3 more dresses last night for the Dudney School for the 1st St. Patrick’s Day parade in Alexandria. 2 more to do for next week. This is a nice photo of some of the girls who competed in December at the 2006 Southern Region Oireachtas. I blurred their faces because not every parent is comfortable having pics of their children online. But you can see the dresses and even get an idea of just how excited they were!

I had a partner while sewing this week. A mom in the Dudney School wanted to put her daughter’s dress together herself. I was hesitant at first because there was no way to really know what her sewing skills actually were…telling someone what to do is one thing, teaching them is another. But I took a chance and I am so glad I did. Not only did Jane really know how to sew, but she was great company. I think she was a bit surprised at all that actually goes into making one of these, and she has now joined the ranks of the frustrated Irish dance dressmaker – she sewed and ripped out and wrestled and sewed and ripped out and wrestled, wrestled, wrestled…with the blasted skirt! I give her a LOT of credit…she never once swore in my presence (not that I would have cared) and she always had a smile on her face!!!! At one point she said, “I think it might be awhile before I want to attempt a solo dress.” I told her that after I finished all the dresses I was working on for the Oireachtas, I did not venture back into my sewing dungeon for 6 weeks…and then it took me 2 WHOLE days to clean it up! It takes time to recover from the Irish dance dress adventure.

A small milestone: I put one of these dresses together in 1 day. 1 day. I feel like Super Woman…Speedy Seamstress…Turbo Taoknitter. I am usually putting 2 to 4 dresses together at the same time in an assembly line fashion, so I had no idea I had become so proficient. What a shock when it was simply done. And the skirt went on in one pass! When I put it on the hanger to see if the skirt was hanging right, I just stood there in shock…I was done!

Simple pleasures for simple minds…

3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Femminista
    Mar 06, 2007 @ 23:43:00

    Wow. Your dresses–these and the ones shown on your sidebar–are truly amazing. You do very, very fine work. They look like costumes for the Metropolitan Opera!

  2. Ann
    Mar 06, 2007 @ 23:53:00

    Wow back to you…what a great compliment. Thank you very much.

    And I Love your blog! The curtains are incredible, and we always used vodka on our dance costumes! I will post on your blog soon!

  3. Femminista
    Mar 07, 2007 @ 21:37:00

    Thanks, Ann! I’ve linked to you so that I can find you and read regularly. 🙂

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