More fun

More playing with the Bernina Designer Plus Version 5 software. I am having such a blast! And learning so much as well.

So I have this shape: Susan designed it, I digitized it (that adventure here).
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After I digitized the piece of lace Susan designed, I began to really look at more complicated designs and realized that many (most?) are really not so complicated after all. (Is that a big, “DUH!!!”?? I slapped MY forehead!!) They are composed of one or two “building blocks” and manipulating them gives you a unique design. So, using more of the amazing buttons (functions) built into the software, I began playing. The design above gave me the lace below:
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A tiny edit and then addition gave me this:
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Then I looked at some of the celtic knot collections that I have acquired and messed with a triskele knot to get this:
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And THEN, I digitized a free clip art knot design I had, put it in the wreath tool, and got this:
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Removed some stitches, but as Susan pointed out to me, this would look much better if the design did not still look as if it was 5 separate chunks. I need to change the knot to connect them all. Told Susan SHE gets to redo the original line design for me. Criticise me, will you? I’ll put you to work!

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Littleskatersmom
    Jun 26, 2007 @ 13:54:00

    I am so jealous. Makes me want to dust off the computer and try designing again

  2. Jenny
    Oct 27, 2007 @ 06:38:00

    Hi there!

    I have been reading your brilliant blog for a while and recently came across this post about digitizing, which has inspired me to do some of my own so I thought I would share.

    I am not an ID dressmaker, I make morris dancing dresses. Not many people have heard of the type of morris dancing I am involved in as it is peculiar to the northwest of England. It is team dancing originatng from the traditional English morris, but only done by girls and is competitive. The dresses are somewhat similar to ID dresses, but are completely soft, much less ornate, and people expect to pay peanuts for them! Also morris dancing is all about the arms so the sleeves are a lot fuller. If you want to see what I am blethering about you can check out our videos at

    Anyhow, I am starting a new batch (about 65) for the troupe I dance with and thought I could make my Brother PR600 earns it’s existence. I have only really used it to do lettering on sweats, t-shirts etc in an effort to cover the monthly payments. I have been playing with the software and it is more useful than I thought, allowing you to correct the dodgy automatic functions by moving stitches etc. Really should start reading manuals!

    Well here is a link to my proposed dress design, which I plan to make from metallic royal blue and silver lycra, with silver sewn sequin edging round the silver panels …..

    And here is a link to the embroidery on the bodice as produced by the digitizing software with lots of tweaking by me …..

    Well, I intend to make a prototype as soon as the fabric turns up, so if all goes well, I will post a picture.

    Thanks for all laying all your knowledge out on here. I will taking your advice about satin stitching, especially as I am a sewn sequin virgin!

    Many thanks, Jenny

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