Irked, Irritated, Steamed…

Yes I am…irked, irritated, steamed…mad…frustrated…

I felt the need to illustrate this rant, so googled the above words. This pic got me laughing.
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Laughter always puts things in a better perspective.

So what’s got my knickers in a twist?
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Nothing new…just another instance of one of the BNs (big name dressmakers) shipping off sub-standard dresses. Dresses that cost a lot of money. Dresses that did not fit. Dresses that were VERY poorly made. Dresses that were NOT sent back by the client to be fixed by said dressmaker. INSTEAD, the client brought these brand new dresses to another dressmaker and PAID more to have them fixed. I know the dresses ended up better after the 2nd dressmaker got finished with them…but my point here is that the client had already spent a small fortune on these BRAND NEW dresses, and she has to spend MORE to get them to fit right.

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Why are the BNs allowed to get away with it? Folks say that it will cost too much to send it back and forth overseas. Ok, then here are 2 suggestions: #1 – put it in the contract that if the dress does not fit, was not made to measurements, or is poorly made, then said dressmaker is responsible for all shipping fees; or #2 – use a local dressmaker.

Ok, I can hear it…the BNs would NEVER agree to a stipulation like that in their contracts! Well, of course not! Why should they when folks lick the ground they walk on just to get a used one!!!? But what if…oh my god, I feel a revelation coming on…what IF all future clients refused to fork out thousands of dollars for a dress they will not have any input into and will not see until the moment it arrives and will simply have to deal with because the BNs do not give refunds, tough titties if it does not fit?!!!!! What if the mamas with the moolah said, “NO!”? What if folks demanded the same level of professionalism from the BNs that they expect & DEMAND from us lone, local dressmakers?!? What if, what if, what if……….what if everyone used their local dressmaker?

I considered listing the names of the BNs and challenging them and the folks with the checkbooks to try and change things. But I remembered a tiny glimmer of hope that presented itself to me recently. There is a particular, very high priced designer/dressmaker whose work has had me reeling in the past because it was so poor. But, a friend recently examined a newer dress, and she said that although the zipper was still exposed in an amateur fashion, the fabric edges were neat & finished with a serger, the underskirt seam edges were neatly wrapped, and seams in general were more even. Perhaps they are paying attention when enough people bitch.

P.S. – Katherine gave me a nice compliment (in the comments) and urged me not to let this get to me. I know I should not let it get to me, but sometimes the absurdity of it all…the amount of money, the shoddy workmanship, the cult of personality…just finally makes me snap. It is like that pic of the crazy kitty at the top of this post…that’s me! Truly, it is! I am such a lady…until I am not! (Yeah, right…)

11 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Caroline
    Jul 02, 2007 @ 15:33:00

    Ok, you got me curious…what was the horrible boo-boo that this BN dressmaker did? What was the wrong that created such pains inside you? I don’t need no names,…just like to discuss the do’s and don’ts on dressmaking.

  2. Katherine
    Jul 02, 2007 @ 15:37:00

    I have looked at your dress gallery, and as for me, you are a BN+! Your dresses are lovely, and the plus–I’ll bet you offer excellent customer service. Don’t let the turkeys get you down!

  3. Ann
    Jul 02, 2007 @ 15:40:00

    Hi Caroline, You belong to the IDDressmaking group, right? It is all there under one of the last few message topics. I chose not to quote the messages because I did not want to involve anyone else.

    At some point, I will do a specific post about shoddy workmanship. I am quite sure you do very good work!

  4. Ann
    Jul 02, 2007 @ 15:44:00

    And Katherine, what a very nice thing to say…thank you very much!

    And you have caused me to add another thought to the post. Thank you.

  5. lymabean
    Jul 02, 2007 @ 17:11:00

    Customer service?? Let me tell you about Ann’s customer service. She doesn’t just make you a dress. When it’s your first new custom solo, she walks you through it step by step, & answers an infinite number of questions. When she takes you fabric shopping (her car), she makes sure you don’t cry when you’re overwhelmingly confused & frustrated. She tells you it will all work out fine — & it does! When you’re trying to “do” something with a dress that’s not doable, she doesn’t just say “no” — she teaches you the hows & whys & helps you get where it is you wanted to go with the dress. She is not just a skilled & creative dressmaker. She is a teacher & a friend. What kind of price can you put on that??!!

  6. Ann
    Jul 02, 2007 @ 17:18:00

    Wow, Lynette! Thank you! I actually blushed.

  7. Anonymous
    Jul 02, 2007 @ 17:34:00

    “tough titties”? You’re going to get an “X” rating yet…

  8. Ann
    Jul 02, 2007 @ 17:52:00

    Workin’ on it…

  9. Knitting Maniac
    Jul 02, 2007 @ 22:27:00

    Girl… it is the Wal Mart mentality. It is maddening to no end.

  10. picperfic
    Jul 03, 2007 @ 01:55:00

    oh Ann….it’s a bit like me with my ‘time of life’…if we don’t talk about it, nothing will change!I just knew Ann would give that kind of service with her dressmaking. To be involved right from the start on apersonal lvel…is there any other way tostitch so much love into a dress?

  11. gINA fOSTER
    Jul 03, 2007 @ 08:49:00

    Ahhh the lure of the BN dresses .. and sadly my own Runt still wants one .. I keep showing her all the flaws (and say – “gee that dress that xxx just got could have been yours, your coloring is close”) the look of horror usually silences the pleas for a BN dress for a while.

    It’s not a case that they won’t pay the shipping etc — the BN’s won’t take alterations back EVEN IN COUNTRY. they don’t do it at All!

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