Dance Kinesiology posts


My dance background
Official Bio
Dance Teacher Education

Kinesiology Specifics:
Injuries: Shin Splints
Injuries: Foot Pain
Injuries: Morton’s Neuroma

Dancing Children
More on Dancing Children

Body Alignment & Posture: Chapter 1
Body Alignment & Posture: Chapter 2

Hips and Turning out
More Turn-out info
Pointing your Feet
Pointing your Feet: Addendum
Dancing Calves
On your toes
Butterflies, Flutters, etc…

Ignorant Dance Teachers
Dance Kinesiology and the Art of Dance

Dressmaking/ Kinesiology Specifics:
Fitting issues: Dancer mis-alignment
“Brainstorm alert – The Unified Quantum Theory of the Skirt Hang”

Teacher Responsibility
“Dear An Coimisiún le Rincí Gaelacha…”
Asking for help
Alignment response

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