I think I may have been dissed. The following was written in response to someone ranting a bit about the “sage” advice that is given on dance,net: “The anti dance.net poster has read taoknitter@blogspot.com. That makes her an expert. About the same as the rest of us who read stuff somewhere and take it as gospel.”

Not sure how I should read that…tried reading it from a couple of different head angles…did I get dissed? Having a good chuckle…

Do I look askance at most of what passes for “advice” on dance.net? Yes, I do. Lately, though, there are more posters who feel secure enough to offer carefully considered responses as opposed to the fairy tales involving clenched butt muscles and snake oil. These responders usually tell the dancer needing help to find a professional to TALK to. Karma to them.

I feel the need to re-iterate a statement from my last post:

“So where to go for help when it is needed? There is so much information on anatomy on the web. I will continue to write about the dancing body. There are books galore. But here’s the rub…this information needs to be READ and STUDIED to be understood. That means a reader must take responsibility for the information. A single reading of any source is not enough to understand it. But most importantly, finding someone to talk to IN PERSON is the only safe way to have a problem evaluated. Period. No amount of online advice is going to fully address any issue.”

In case I was not clear the first time, one reading of anything, my blog posts included, does not mean you understand it. I have been told that my kinesiology posts are dense and even overwhelming…I contemplated dumbing them down to make for easier reading, but for what purpose? As it is, there are things that I do not include, but I figure if someone is truly inspired to know more, she/he will start doing research, ask more questions, take a class, seek out a professional for a one-on-one consultation…study, study, study.

Does reading my blog make anyone an expert? No. But I am hoping you might feel inspired to become one.

Click for more kinesiology info: Dance Kinesiology

3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Leamanach
    Sep 08, 2007 @ 23:35:00

    Please continue your posts as they are. People need to take responsibility for their own development, and hopefully if they aren’t ready when they first read your page, they will remember and come back to your posts when they are ready. Learning how to use your body properly is hard work, and sometimes it takes people longer to accept that they have to do it. There is no easy way out!

  2. Ann
    Sep 08, 2007 @ 23:41:00

    Thank you very much, Leamanach. I have decided that I will continue…even if it is only for wonderful folks like you!

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