“Innovative Minds Don’t Think Alike”

Food for thought: “Innovative Minds Don’t Think Alike”

I am often struck by those on the boards who want to know all of the “rules” of Irish dance costuming: how short, how many panels, soft skirt, stiff skirt, fabrics that must be used, etc.

We get in our own way, in the way of our own personal creativity when we believe there are rules to be followed.  And I understand (per the article) how once we are in it, once we “know” the rules, our own sense of adventure gets stifled.

Very interesting.

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  1. megsdance
    Jan 02, 2008 @ 13:04:19

    Alas… from my favorite book, The Little Prince…. is it a hat or an elephant inside a cobra?

    Coloring outside the line isn’t always a bad thing….


  2. spudsnsalsa
    Jan 02, 2008 @ 17:09:45

    Perhaps a result of too many TC’s with rigid rules? Seems like alot of families think there is an exact formula for success….get the ‘right’ TC and the ‘right’ dress and you will get the ‘right’ results. Art is not quantitative enough for many humans engaged in competition…thus the catch 22 for us right-brain dressmakers! How many times have you been told “I can’t picture what your saying. I need to see the finished dress before I can give you an opinion.”?? They are ‘seeing’ with their left-brain what our right-brains want to create!

  3. ginafoster
    Jan 02, 2008 @ 19:15:45

    ahhh .. the ‘rules’ … gotta love em … I guess there is a good aspect to my being totally subversive.

    But then again … I remember in about 2000 being told by an ADCRG that ‘shaped hems were unheard of, they have to be inverted level hems”

    if only I had stuck to my guns.

  4. cincysewer
    Jan 08, 2008 @ 14:15:39

    Is this forum appropriate for solicited opinions? Am currently trying my hand at being creative and wondering if I am completely off base. Daughter wants a very dropped waist look, with a soft skirt and petal panels-very minimal design elements-Oh and she wants it to be a 2 piece dress. Having just purchased the Feisdress pattern(after making my first 2 dresses using modified commercial patterns) I feel like I’m flying blind as I try to figure out how to make adjustments. Am starting to think it will have to be a 1-piece construction. Any advice from those who’ve been successful with similar projects?

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