New Website

Hello all,
I am in the process of getting my designs up on a new website. As usual, I slow myself down by getting into the files and deciding to change and update things instead of just putting them up! You can see the site here:
As most of you know, these are designs that have already been digitized, and they can be bought as a set, or I can split up the whole dress if you only want certain parts. I send the file type you need. The designs are sent in one general size for you to re-size and revise. If you cannot do it yourself, I can provide that service.
I am also posting this because I would like to gather pics of work that any of you have done using my designs over the years for a new gallery. I am thinking I would like to organize the pics by dressmaker since some of you have used so many of the designs, so this can be a way for you to showcase a gallery for yourself. If you want to send pics, please include how you would like to be named and the date of the dress.
Thank you all! Happy sewing!

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