Flower Solo Dress

Woo-hoo, woo-hoo, it’s done, it’s done (this is accompanied by my version of the cabbage patch dance…kids aren’t home so it is only me and I am not embarrassing anyone else…)! I always feel so proud when I finish a dress, like I really accomplished something! Once again learned many things making this dress. Also found that I am quite efficient with digitizing and stitching out the embroidery now.

Handed the dress off a bit ago and all seem pleased. I think it turned out beautifully! The design is based on the dancer’s concept…Susan gave it order and the knots. Susan also altered her pattern for me to make the swoop skirt.

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(That black spot is a weird sequin facing…no black spots.) Notice the claddagh cross? A design moment for moi…designed it in my digitizing software based on a cross that the dancer and her mother wear…fun, fun!

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Quite the pleat pro now.

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Cape was the dancer’s idea. I really like it. Nice clean lines.

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Diamonds and pearls…I wish I had gotten a better pic of the tiara. It is quite beautiful.

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I believe they found the skirt lining first and it inspired the dress.

Here’s a pic of the side and back skirt. For those who are not familiar with the Feisdress pattern, this pic illustrates one great feature…fewer seams! In fact, this skirt only had one vertical seam at the center back… sort of. This dress actually has a separating zipper so that the whole thing open up to get it on and off. There is a flower patch that covers the bottom of the zipper and continues the design line.
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Here’s the shape of the cape. Made a pattern based on the dancer’s drawing.
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Here it is folded up at the bottom and with the “pins” in place. The pins are now attached to the dress. The cape is attached under each with velcro and snaps.
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And here is what the young dancer wanted on the under side of the cape. Very sweet.
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So, now on to the next…dancer coming for a fitting this weekend!

Knitting & Embroidering

I am almost done with the Aran poncho…need to do a couple more rows of a crocheted edge. Thought I might do a picot edge, but looking at the pic here it might look too fussy. And I am thinking I will not block this…I like the way the long edge flows and the sheer weight of this thing will block it for me!

I cannot find the pattern I used…I had everything committed to memory. It was not an Elizabeth Zimmerman pattern, but I did not like the way the top down percentages were figured so went to my EZ books and made it work better! EZ to the rescue!

This pic shows the color better. It has more green than the pic above shows. You can also see the cabling section better…sort of.

Miss Maggie generously broke her frown to give me a smile while modeling for me. The poncho is for me but I do NOT put pics of me fluffy self on the net willingly, so here you see that it is a BIG poncho. Actually fits me very nicely.

And here are my flowers! (See Marianne, I do flowers, too! Not as subtle as yours, though…) Susan’s design, my digitizing and sew-out. These are my experiments…new solo dress client wants these so had to figure out which threads, which center fabric, etc. I like the top right, but from a distance you cannot see those tiny iridescent dots. The bottom right works the best. The flowers on the left were thread color experiments…hard to find the right shade of pink slightly darker than the fabric.

They come tomorrow for a bodice fitting and we will decide.

Rose of Tralee 2007

Susan and I have been asked to make another sash for the Washington DC Rose of Tralee! They said they were so pleased with what we did for them last year that they would like to have us do it every year. These are pics of the 2006 Washington Rose of Tralee, Carolyn Kerwin, in the sash.

She is such a lovely young lady.

So, off to the drawing board we go!

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