Hmm…more ID Weirdness???

So, have you all seen the discussion on Celtic Flame?  Here is part:

From what I have heard, it is more an opportunity for the Commission to cash in on costumes
Not impressed at all

Date Posted: Tuesday, February 19, 11:49:17am
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“any predictions about new dress rules coming down the pipe?” on Monday, February 18, 12:47:27am

From what I have been told by a member of An Coimisiun, dressmakers/designers would be encouraged to “apply” to An Coimisiun with their ideas and proposals. An Coimisiun would dictate the kinds of fabrics to be used, the style of dress (i.e. solid dress, split panel, 1 color, 2 color, etc.) and the areas on which designs/embroidery/embellishments could appear. Any dressmaker wishing to make a costume would then apply to An Coimisiun for permission/rights to make an approved costume. An Coimisiun would receive a fee for granting the privilege to the dressmaker to make an approved dress, and then reward the selected designer with a portion of that fee (perhaps). I believe that An Coimisiun is in a position to give clear guidelines as to what is or is not acceptable, as they did in the past. However, I think what they anticipate passing, ie., another way for them to generate revenues (and for what???), is totally out of order

Umm…Michelle?  Is this your understanding?