Morning Musings

I wear one of those magnetic copper bracelets from Sergio Lub. I first heard of them many years ago, but never had one until this past spring when I bought one while I was in Louisiana to teach at the stage combat workshop. Even though my hips were better at that point (meaning, I was not reduced to crutches at that point), I was still walking with a pronounced and embarrassing limp. When I cannot walk well I wish I had the nerve to carry around a squirt gun so that I could nail people in the chests with a cold stream of water when they look at me with such pity…irritates the hell out of me. And being around a bunch of athletic and sensitive stage combatants, some of whom knew me in my dancing heyday, makes my irritation worse because I have to keep answering concerned questions about what is wrong with me.

So, I had escaped and went exploring the little town. In a very cool pottery shop named Follette’s (very dangerous place for me), I found one of the Sergio bracelets and took a chance on the idea that a copper bracelet might help my joints.

Sometime in late July, Meave looked at me under her brow, as she does when she is thinking, and said, “You don’t limp anymore, Mama.” Holy cow, she was right. I was walking like a normal person…and there was no pain. The rest of the joints in my body were also pain-free and I had more range of motion. I had not been without pain since my illness in 2000… could it be the bracelet?

I have been thoroughly enjoying this these past couple of months…I have actually walked Meave to the bus stop. Our little neighbor looked at me and asked how come I did not drive like I did all last year, and Meave said (loudly) that I could walk now. It’s been great…until day before yesterday. Twinges. And this morning, walking Maggie to the bus was very hard.

So, starting to evaluate myself…again. Since I was ill, I have been obsessed with understanding what happened to my body and what I was left with. Interesting that I have had these past few months be so easy physically…could it really have been the bracelet? And why is it ending?

Thinking I will start with core strengthening and stretching…I will detail my studies and progress here. More later.