Digitizing & Insomnia

It is late…dammit. Earlier today on into the evening I was so tired I could barely function. But I did not allow myself to take a nap so that I would sleep well. Made no difference as I am obviously not sleeping. I fully understand how folks become psychotic maniacs when sleep eludes them.

But, instead of going postal, I have been amusing myself by digitizing. I have a friend for whom I am going to embroider the fabric for her wedding dress. We have been looking at embroidery collections, but I have not seen anything that is as fine and wonderful as it should be for her. So, I digitized something for her to give her an idea of what we can do.

Here is just an idea of how we can cover the fabric.
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Here is the basic digitized piece in a wreath of three.
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Just for the hell of it, I tried the auto digitize function in my software function again…not really sure why as it never works well, and sure enough it did not. I keep waiting for the day that my EXPENSIVE software will do all the work for me…not holding my breath, tho’. It’s ok. I love doing the digitizing myself.

After I sent off the pics to my friend, sleep was still nowhere to be found, so I did a couple more.

This was fun.
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This was complicated, and if decide to use it somehow, I must go back in and clean up a few things.
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Maybe the next time I can’t sleep I will go embroider these in the sewing dungeon.