A help session…but first some stuff

First, I would like to thank those of you who responded to my last post…you gave me much to think about and to be thankful for.  You are such cool women, and if I cannot meet you all together in one place, this is the next best thing.  Thank you for your thoughts, for what you shared, for who you are, and for being here, being a part of this group.  For those of you who have lost children, I send you my love and intense admiration…you leave me speechless.

Second…I have been getting requests to join the forum from people I do not know.  If some of the applications are from you all, please register with the same user name as you use here on the blog.  If any of you are telling folks about the forum and that is where these applications are coming from, that’s ok, but they have to register a username and ask to be added to the blog.  Remember, no anonymity.  I am denying all applications from folks I do not know.

Ok, important business:  Lisa needs some help and input.  As you all look at this, if you need more input, info or pics, say so.  I will admit to being in a fog at the moment, so if I have not already asked for enough info to help, I apologize. She would also like me to let you know that she is a relative newbie…so we shall be on our best behavior (aren’t we always?) and we will be as descriptive as possible with our suggestions. If you want to add pics to your suggestions, send them to me and I will post them.

Hi Ann: Attached is a photo of the dress on which I am working.
My goal was to jazz it up a bit by remaking the front of the skirt-similar to the DIC or Elevation dresses, where there is a stiff small front yoke to which the petal panels are attached, with a layer or 2 of contrasting fabric attached to the yoke-thereby creating a new front panel. I do have a photo of what I was able to create over the weekend-but there were some technical difficulties in that it would be hard to dance in when kicking up and out. My original skirt, as seen in the photo-was constructed before I had the feisdress pattern-and my goal was to make something very lightweight for the dancer. I used a poodle skirt pattern and only incorporated knife pleats in the front/back and it looked fine on the dancer.

On side note-I was somewhat validated when I read the UK/Ireland voy board today as the new dress styles were discussed-everyone loves the simpler look-so feel right on track with my daughter’s dress–if I just can hang in there and not give up.

Here are photos of a dress similar to what I am attempting:

Another dress is on the Dancing in Celtic site:

My shorter yoke will be rounded-my issue is how to do the sides–and I have already deconstructed the original skirt-don’t want to cut into it yet-have very little of the base fabric left-used a leftover piece for the new yoke I made which is in the forthcoming photo.

If anyone has suggestions for me-I am open to any help. My original skirt has medium wt. interfacing and I wonder if I should try to find a way to insert more stiffener on the sides? The DIC dress seems to have the back of the skirt wrapping around the front from the sides and completing the front of the skirt–does that make sense? It shouldn’t be this hard for me to figure out-but I am feeling stymied lately.

Here are photos of my attempt to remake the skirt-I can see that the yoke is probably too long (waist to end closest to the ruffle).

Have cut another yoke, using different fabric and less stiffener-and making it not as long-and attaching a layer of white sequin fabric with the white tulle ruffle along the bottom-will send those photos when I get it together-still stumped on how to attach the entire thing to the sides/back.

the stumper piece is shown on the above photos-with the tulle ruffle along the bottom-but I will take a photo of that part not attached to anything–will send in a bit

Here are the individual skirt components:

The top is the actual original skirt front-after deconstruction.

The bottom is the first attempt to make a stiff yoke-shorter than original skirt to which petal panels would be attached-similar to DIC styles.

Middle is a revised yoke-less stiff and using different fabric.

Notice the cut of the waistline-I botched the first attempt:


trying to figure out where to include extra fabric to attach to the sides/back of skirt.

the DIC dresses look as though the yoke extends around the sides to the back–and most of their dresses have solid backs

The Elevation dresses have the shorter stiff yoke all around the dress-almost as if the skirt was made and bottom 2/3’rds is cut off, lacy fabric attached and petals tacked on top

The main issue is getting the front attached to the back with this style and finding the good balance of stiffness so the front does not hinder dancing-remember how many complained about the DIC/Elevation dresses bruising thighs????